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RUSTICAT: brushing smoothing equipment for parquet, matchboardings and wooden floor finishing


RUSTICAT is a combined brushing equipment that offers 4 wood working functions. The embossed shaft and quick pivot allows to easily change brushes according to the effect desired:

  • Steel brush for rustication
  • Tynex brush for rusticated wood finishing
  • Laminated brush for smoothing
  • Scotch brite brush for varnished plank pre-finishing
  • Thanks to the adjustable speed and regulating brushes pressure and rotation, it is possibile to work parquet, matchboardings and straight wooden profiles.


    Rustichella and Rusticona, rustic sanding machines to smooth and bring out the wood soft veins: matchboardings, parquet, wooden floor, lamellar and all-wood beams

    rusticatrice legno rusticona


    Powerfull and quick machine with double motorized brushes.
    On request: electric adjustment of brushes position with inverter for speed control. It's possible to work with different kind of brushes to rusticate parquet, to polish furniture doors, to scratch beams obtaining an aged apperance effect. It is also possible to make perfect dust operation.


    Max. workable width: 300 mm
    Max workable height: 300 mm
    N1-2 extractor fans: diam. 120 mm
    Traction engine: Hp 0,3 (0,22 kw)
    Adjustable speed: 3-10 mt/1'
    N1-2 brushes engine: Hp 4 (3 kw)
    Net weight: 320 - 440 kg
    N1-2 brushes: diam. 200
    Brushes lifting with pointer

    rusticatrice legno rustichella


    Compact rustic sanding machine able to work even lamellar beams (up to 300 mm of section). The speed regulator of the dragging carpet allows also deep engraving on wood veins as well as polishing work to have a final rustic and aged surface.

    Inverter of 3,7 Kw to regulate brushes speed, electric regulation of brushes height pointer. Swinging brushes (4 cm of lateral displacement)

    Click here to download depliants:


    depliant brushing wood

    (PDF) (PDF)

    NEW: Rusticat! Brushing Machines

    legno rusticato e venatoMACHINES FOR RUSTICATION, SMOOTHING AND EMPHASIZE WOOD GRAIN: matchboardings, parquet, wooden floor, lamellar and all-wood beams.

    Wooden floor and houses are more and more requested on the market;: produces a full range of impregnating machines for beams, parquet and matchboardings. If flooring and wooden houses are old, domestic ambient will express a warmer and beauty look. This wood brushing machine works the soft wood grain and gives to the beams and wooden flooring an aged appearance. The heads of the polisher are more or less incisive and work with special rollers. Thanks to brush height adjustment it is possible to work matchboardings as well beams up to 300mm. The speed advance of traction can be regulated to let brushes work longer on wooden surfaces, and rusticate with more intensity.
    wood grain brushes
    wood smoothing brushes

    1- Steel brush: for very hard timber

    2- Tynex brush: for a perfect finishing

    3- Smoothing brush: to finish raw wood

    4- Tampico brush: for dusting operation

    5- Cotton brush: for polishing operation



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